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Sorrento coast
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Sorrento Dreams offers you a large selection of villas and apartments to make the most out of your holiday in the Sorrento and Amalfi area.
Our properties are located along the Sorrento Coast, Amalfi Coast and on the islands of Capri and Ischia.
To enjoy your stay you can choose between the cities centre or the hilly area: you can choose the bustling centre of Sorrento, Sant'Agnello, Sant'Agata sui due Golfi or Positano without worring how to get there or, if you prefere more peaceful places, if you would like to enjoy romantic sunsets and you are not worried to drive for few miles to reach the cities centre, you can then decide to book on the hilly area.

The land of sirens...

Sorrento Peninsula is famous for its beautiful coastal scenery. On its southern side, high cliffs shelter historic towns as Amalfi and Positano. From its northern edge, splendid views unfold over the Bay of Naples, to Vesuvius and Capri. Down the middle of the peninsula a mountainous spine rises to 1,300 metres, forming a typical limestone scenery of weathered peaks and deep gorges.

Penisola Sorrentina

Not without reason this area has always been inspiring different kind of artists in the production of their works: from Homer who called this coast the land of the sirens in his odyssey to Giovan Battista De Curtis or Lucio Dalla who describe Sorrento in their most famous songs.

When Vesuvio, which is the only active volcano on the mainland in Europe, erupted in August 79 AD Sorrento and all the surrounding area were already famous as a holiday resorts; in fact the entire bay became a very popular seaside resort among the wealthy patricians already during the first half of the Roman Imperial age, who considered the entire Gulf of Naples an ideal place to spend the summer months.
Therefore several roman villas were built in this area, most of them with a landing place from the sea and with plenty of land where the Romans started already the production of olive oil and wine.

So, as you can see, culture is all around and everything you dream of for your vacation is here for you to enjoy …with Sorrento Dreams